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Chinese Cultural Activities: As part of our cultural mission, the ASU Confucius Institute regularly presents artistic musical performances and other significant cultural events that showcase the visual and performing arts of China.  

Chinese Culture Contest and Classes: As part of the goal to encourage and to develop young Chinese language learners’ knowledge of China’s rich culture and history, the Institute hosts Chinese speech and writing competitions, photo and drawing contests and classes in calligraphy, Chinese knotting, traditional Chinese painting and crafts. 

ASU CI Video Competition: The ASU Confucius Institute hosts the Student Video Competition to encourage Grade 7-12 students to use Chinese to express their Chinese-learning journeys and love for learning Chinese through producing a video in Chinese.  We want students to see it is fun to learn Chinese and to use their videos to serve as inspiration for other Chinese learners or students who haven’t yet started learning Chinese. For more information, read here