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Our Partners


Hanban is the executive body of the Chinese Language Council International affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is committed to making the Chinese language and cultural teaching resources accessible and available as well as providing an excellent learning environment for Chinese language learners throughout the world.

Sichuan University

Sichuan University (SCU) is the leading research-oriented university located in West China. The present Sichuan University was first incorporated with Chengdu University of Science and Technology (CUST) in 1994 and West China University of Medical Science (WCUMS) in 2000. SCU is one of the largest leading universities in West China with a qualified faculty of over 1000 professors and over 2,100 associate professors. Its international partner schools include Arizona State University, the University of Utah, and Woosong University in South Korea. www.scu.edu.cn

Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona

Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona (CCSA) is the largest Chinese heritage school in Arizona dedicated to teaching Chinese language, literature, and promoting awareness of Chinese culture and history. The school has over 500 students enrolled in Chinese classes from K-12 classes and many after-school enrichment programs such as math, arts, music, dance, singing, dance, Tai-chi and martial arts. The school sessions are held on Saturdays at ASU main campus in Tempe.